Addressing future uncertainty with data-driven decisions to combat the unprecedented challenges of climate change

The world’s rapidly changing climate brings unprecedented challenges, including extreme weather variability, droughts, floods, wildfires, heat waves, and rising sea levels. Countries around the world face disrupted economies, lost livelihoods, and damaged ecosystems, which threaten both current and future generations.

The global challenge of climate change needs global solutions.

At RTI, we’re proud to support the global climate response in our work, leading climate-smart programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prioritize renewable energy, while protecting economic growth and vital natural resources. We build the climate resilience of governments, the private sector, and communities with customized tools, analysis, and systems-based thinking to help clients address future uncertainty with data-driven decisions to combat this global threat.

Our team is comprised of experts in resilience, natural resources management, energy, finance, conservation, economic impacts and environmental justice, water quality and availability, and international development – bringing a multisectoral approach to respond to the toughest climate challenges. This diverse group of experts means we adapt quickly and tailor our approach to support our clients in advancing climate-smart policies, planning, innovation, and financing.

Our approach to climate change combines scientific research and analytical methodologies with global implementation expertise to inform, develop, and execute adaptation, mitigation, and resilience strategies. These multifaceted tools and strategies ensure that we can deliver integrated programs and innovative approaches to make a significant contribution to the global climate response.

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