Understanding the real and potential impacts of innovation programs, initiatives, research, and technological change

Public investments in research, technology development, and innovation initiatives generate substantial social impacts. They produce new knowledge, strengthen the workforce, increase economic competitiveness, and enhance quality of life and social well-being. We work closely with government agencies, foundations, and nonprofits to help them generate maximum value and knowledge from their programs and policies.

We provide economic analysis, evaluation expertise, policy advice, and technical assistance to review prior investments. We also help clients optimize program delivery, build capacity, and identify best practices to incorporate in their strategic plans and program management.

Our interdisciplinary teams have experience working around the world with diverse organizations—from those funding basic science to those engaged in technology commercialization and entrepreneurial assistance—at local, regional, and national levels. We bring fresh and unique perspectives to each client engagement that are grounded in the application of rigorous methods across an array of socioeconomic contexts and research domains.