Performing high-impact analyses to advance science and inform public policy

We have broad capabilities to explore, visualize, analyze, model, and interpret data of all types, working with clients to transform data into insight and action. We specialize in analyzing complex survey data, predictive and spatial modeling, text analytics, and visual interfaces that increase the visibility, flexibility, and accessibility of complex, large datasets.

Our statisticians and data scientists analyze data to which traditional statistical methods do not readily adapt. We deal with client datasets that are of unprecedented heterogeneity and scale and that arise by combining multiple datasets, without sampling, or from complex computer models. Not only are we fluent in the entire range of modern statistical methods, but we are also adept at managing datasets that contain multiple kinds of errors as well as large numbers of missing values. We engage collaborators and clients through user-centric design principles to elicit actionable feedback that enables rapid prototyping of ideas into tangible products.