Listening to Our Clients So We Can Deliver a Great User Experience

Listening to our clients and stakeholders is a key element of how we deliver high-quality work and achieve our mission. That’s why we established the Client Listening Program (CLP).

The Voice of the Client

RTI’s CLP improves our clients’ experience by letting us step back from the day-to-day work and ask for client feedback throughout the life of the project. These conversations help us better understand how it is to work with us from the client’s perspective, looking at what is working well, and where we need to do better. By actively listening and following up, we gain valuable insights into a client’s needs, which in turn allows us to deliver a better overall experience.

The Client Listening Program

The CLP format offers a safe and simple venue for clients to provide RTI project leaders with insights  that help us improve the quality of products and services as projects progress and support successful outcomes for all. RTI’s Client Listening Program establishes a framework for timely feedback, course correction and learning.

RTI's Client Listening Program establishes a framework for timely feedback, course correction, and learning.

How Does the Client Listening Program Work?

Project leaders ask for client feedback targeted to key points during the project, when the client has something to comment on, such as after the kickoff or the provision of a key deliverable. The brief questionnaires are designed to take 2–3 minutes on average to complete. While the feedback process is fast, the impact is long-lasting. This feedback helps us focus in the right areas, identify where we are doing well, and identify where we need to work differently to ensure that we are delivering excellent value consistently.

2020 CX-cellence Award and Premier Award for Client Satisfaction

In 2020, RTI’s Client Listening Program was awarded a Client Experience Excellence (CX-cellence) Award for our “innovative, client-centered mindset, which enables project managers to better strengthen business relationships,” and a Premier Award for Client Satisfaction for “demonstrating a commitment to giving clients a voice as a means to deliver excellent service, and confirmation from clients that service was, indeed, excellent.”

2019 Premier Award for Client Satisfaction

RTI International is a winner of the PSMJ Resources/Client Savvy 2019 Premier Award for Client Satisfaction. This prestigious designation is the only industry recognition that uses empirical data, research, and analysis—not subjective methods or opinion—to identify services firms providing the very best client experience.