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Focus Areas

Innovation for Economic Growth

Developing and strengthening regional and national innovation strategies for inclusive, sustainable economic growth

Countries around the world are embracing innovation-led economic growth. However, implementing innovation strategies is complex and highly situation-dependent. To be successful, it is necessary to understand the country’s or region’s innovation ecosystem—its diverse array of stakeholders, the formal and informal interactions within it, and the environment in which they act. When leveraged correctly, they can be combined to drive ongoing innovation and economic growth.

Our team integrates expertise across a broad set of disciplines, such as impact analyses, technology commercialization and university/private-sector partnership programs, to strengthen elements of the innovation ecosystem. We are also uniquely capable of combining expertise in fields relevant to economic growth—such as energy, food and agriculture, and health systems—with multiscale capacity-building experience to ensure that innovation-led economic growth policies, initiatives, and programs gain traction and deliver measurable results.

As your implementation partner and advisor, we will assess and diagnose your environment and build programs designed to accelerate the impact of science and technology innovation toward sustainable economic growth. Our work empowers leaders with the strategic insights and results they need to build effective policy environment and programs that will lead to real economic impact.

Equitable Economic Development

The economic development practice is at an inflection point. Extreme income and wealth inequality has reached crisis levels and the field is under disruption to better respond to these trends. It will take a community of practice testing a range of innovative ideas to best localize solutions for more equitable outcomes. Our virtual platform offers in-depth articles and interviews from a variety of sources concerned with improving the field.

Related Capabilities