Offering expertise in the strategic, technical, and policy aspects of sustainable energy markets

Access to reliable energy services is a cornerstone of development. We advise governments around the world on reforms and partnerships that can help countries build more stable energy sectors.

Legal, regulatory, and market restructuring efforts can increase the confidence of private investors in developing countries. We support the implementation of promising energy projects through strong industry connections and a global network of experts. To promote sustainability, we connect commercial and financial stakeholders in partner countries to build lasting supply chains.

Organizations across the energy value chain—from national electricity regulators to small, rural solar companies—benefit from our training in the knowledge and skills they need to effectively run their agencies and companies.

We also lead development of innovative tools and processes to increase the professional participation and leadership of women in the power sector. 

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By the Numbers

To date, RTI has worked with local partners around the world to support:

$0 B

in energy investments

0 M

new energy connections

0 M

metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions mitigated


gigawatts of new capacity

COVID-19 Resilience

Energy underpins every aspect of a nation’s economy by powering hospitals, food production, businesses productivity, and schools. Our projects have adapted activities to address the challenges that utilities and off-grid companies in developing countries now face due to COVID-19. New grants will enable rural health centers to access essential electricity services to power life-saving equipment. Financial planning, legal support, and technical assistance will enable utilities to negotiate new agreements with power suppliers and creditors to prevent a financial freefall in the sector.

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