RTI Center for Water Resources

RTI Center for Water Resources

Driving sustainable use of water

Water is one of the most vital natural resources on the planet—and yet, its distribution is also one of the most imbalanced. Some regions face growing water scarcity while others are plagued by recurring floods. Water’s dynamic nature means that shifts in climate and human activity can cause water security to change by the year, though extreme events can cause changes by the hour. Given these realities, government agencies, hydropower operators, utility companies and other water resources organizations across the globe need the right information at the right time to effectively address the planet’s growing water resources challenges.

With advanced, information-based technology and solutions, the RTI Center for Water Resources can help you translate data into actionable information to strengthen water security and resilience against a backdrop of increasing demand, water scarcity, extreme weather events and hydrologic uncertainty. We can help you make sustainable decisions and optimize resources to meet critical water objectives across four broad sectors:

As part of a research institute, the RTI Center for Water Resources has applied innovative, science-based solutions to successfully complete more than 2,500 projects worldwide over the past 30 years. Our highly skilled team of scientists and engineers are leaders in the design, development and implementation of integrated services and solutions for complex water issues. Let us help you make strategic decisions to respond to your water resources challenges using cutting-edge technologies, advanced analytics and actionable information.

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