Evaluating how microbial interactions affect human and environmental health

Invisible to the naked eye, the vast and diverse microbial world is one that touches nearly every aspect of life. Our microbiologists use basic and molecular methodologies to investigate factors that affect human and environmental health, including indoor air quality, filtration products, and the biological effects of aerosols.

We work with a wide variety of samples in our state-of-the-art microbiology research laboratory to study how microorganisms interact with humans, the environment, and each other. We collaborate with universities, government agencies, and commercial clients to understand and address research challenges—including microbial survival during the aerosol process, the influence of growth substrate on microbial virulence, and the effectiveness of air cleaners to filter or eliminate microbial aerosols.

By leveraging our biosafety level 2 laboratory, tissue culture lab, and a microbiological aerosol test facility that houses a dynamic microbial testing chamber, we are able to provide high quality, reliable results for our clients.