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Services and Capabilities

Surveys and Data Collection

Proven methods and technological innovations in survey science that deliver answers for an increasingly data-driven world

Cutting-edge survey research has been a cornerstone of our work since our founding. Federal agencies, commercial clients, and foundations seek out our recognized leadership and multidisciplinary teams of experts in all aspects of survey science. Our work is anchored in proven methods and best practices in the survey industry, with a strong emphasis on timeliness, efficiency, quality, and technological innovation. Increasingly, this requires mixed-mode survey designs and mobile technology solutions.

The results of our surveys are often visible to the public. We assist major national news outlets with highly anticipated annual rankings, and some of our federal surveys on health and well-being receive nationwide coverage. Our work touches on important societal issues such as health and well-being, climate change, education, child development, substance abuse, victimization, land management, and national security. We provide data that inform policy and programs designed to address critical social problems, while simultaneously contributing to the body of survey science research.