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Focus Areas

Education Policy, Systems, and Governance

Providing policy, research, and technical assistance for large-scale reform in education and workforce development

We offer policy support, applied research and analysis, and technical expertise to support clients across the full range of education and workforce development issues globally. 

Ministries of education in many countries require increased capacity to manage large-scale reforms. Through actionable, policy-relevant research, data, and analysis, government decision makers gain the tools they need to improve policy, allocate resources, and address the challenges of decentralization. Our work includes putting information systems in place, developing curricula and learning materials, and managing instructional support and teacher development. 

As countries establish robust workforce development systems, we help them by connecting employers with training providers and establishing skills-based training standards across employment sectors. We translate technical information to help policy makers understand the educational needs and outcomes of diverse populations, as well as the impact of education and workforce programs. By supporting workforce and training policies, we help individuals acquire skills in high-demand, high-growth sectors of the economy.