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Services and Capabilities

Evaluation, Assessment, and Analysis

Innovative, integrated approaches that elicit relevant data on the effectiveness of programs, policies, and interventions

RTI designs and implements rigorous evaluations tailored to client needs. With expertise spanning all facets of quantitative and qualitative analysis methods, we develop innovative, integrated approaches to inform policy and practice.

We analyze policies, programs, interventions and processes, generating valuable insights and recommendations about implementation, outcomes, and impact. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their questions and devise approaches that will best meet their needs. Combining our expertise across our practice areas with a rich quantitative and qualitative analysis skillset, we deliver nuanced analyses that enable decision-makers to move forward with confidence.

Drawing on our substantial experience in analysis and evaluation, we develop innovative ways to integrate disparate disciplines, data types, and methods to answer complicated questions that defy the application of traditional methods. This gives us unique insight into the linkages between micro- and macro-level effects, such as organizational or individual behavior and shifts in national dialogue.