Delivering evidence-based interventions designed to help individuals make informed decisions

Research-based communication and marketing interventions enable individuals and communities to make better decisions regarding health and other behaviors. We support client programs by developing, testing, implementing, and evaluating communication and social marketing interventions aimed at promoting behavior change. We examine important outcomes, such as knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs, and the extent to which they influence positive change. We investigate how people seek, use, and process information related to behaviors, and we test innovative tools and interventions. We also analyze the impact of messages and promotional materials in the context of behavior change and deliver data our clients can use. We also develop evidence-based interventions that promote communication and informed decision making.

Our goal is to create educational products, communication campaigns, and social marketing programs that result in healthier decisions and actions. To achieve this, our communication science and health behavior experts conduct comprehensive formative and summative evaluations and deliver solutions that are grounded in theory and evidence.