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Focus Areas


Delivering integrated programs & cutting-edge tools to build the resilience of the world’s water resources

Billions of people lack reliable access to safe water — and pressure on the world’s water supply is growing alongside trends like population growth and climate change.

At RTI, we believe that achieving a water-secure world is one of the most urgent tasks facing humanity. Recognizing that our collective reliance on water goes beyond sustenance, to food production, sanitation and hygiene, power generation, and more, we are committed to the sustainable management of this most precious resource. Our multidisciplinary teams work to improve equitable access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), while protecting lives, property, and ecosystems, as well as supporting economic growth.

Leading integrated programs across the water value chain

RTI collaborates with governments, communities, the private sector, and other sector stakeholders to lead integrated programs that cut across the entire water value chain. We support data-driven water sector governance, improve water resources management and water supply, catalyze private sector investment, and enhance service delivery. Our team of experts includes engineers, hydrologists, economists, and experts in policy, governance, and public health. RTI’s water services are part of a broader engineering, environmental sciences, and international development portfolio encompassing energy, climate change, food security, environmental risk assessment, global health, and waste management. With this diversity, we stay on the leading edge of both problems and solutions, adapting quickly to each client’s unique needs.

Delivering cutting-edge tools and strategies

Our multifaceted tools and strategies help water providers around the world enhance their capabilities and improve service delivery. RTI’s team of experts assess the risks and benefits of environmental policies on water supply and develops methods for risk-based decision-making. RTI ALSO uses customized information-based technology and solutions to support data-driven decisions on water supply, hydropower, flooding, and ecosystems. Our teams also deploy customized decision-support tools, including political economy analysis frameworks, to support policy reform and strengthen good governance practices that will increase access to WASH services in developing countries.