Making research and communication more accessible through mobile technologies

Our mobile survey applications combine the capabilities of traditional computer-assisted interviewing and the go-anywhere versatility of handheld devices. Applications such as RTI Mobile Field Surveys (Mobile FS) integrate with our case management and data quality infrastructure to give projects access to management tools that enhance data quality and streamline staff efficiencies.

We also develop mobile personal health tools that allow remote self-reporting, sensor-based data collection, and mobile-based delivery of health interventions on a smartphone or tablet. For example, clients can use our Personal Health Intervention Tool (PHIT) as a mobile personal health laboratory, a health aid, and an educational device. It collects self-reported data, captures and analyzes physiologic data, and delivers health-related information such as reminders and self-help interventions.

Using off-the-shelf and custom mobile mapping applications, we support our clients’ navigation, data collection, and data access needs in connected and unconnected environments.