Merging user insights, field testing, and market intelligence to develop and deploy culturally appropriate technology solutions

Emerging and developing economies are an important and unique innovation ecosystem. Many practices that succeed in established economies will not deliver the results desired by mission-oriented initiatives or by corporations seeking to capture high-growth market-entry potential.

We work with clients to produce new technologies and programmatic strategies, as well as unique combinations of existing ones, that are tailored to these ecosystems. A critical step in this process is understanding user insights and the socioeconomic context in which innovations will be deployed. With this context, our approach helps to de-risk technology launch and new product development efforts by first providing market and user insights, and then focusing on the true technology required.

We achieve this by conducting field testing of prototypes, addressing local regulatory issues and guidelines, identifying local value chain partners, validating business model assumptions, and arming teams with market intelligence to make informed decisions.