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Focus Areas

Military Health and Human Performance

Leading performance innovation for active-duty Service members

Health and performance are critical to military success. Operational forces need to have effective tools to help in creating both mental and physical fortitude. Modern soldiers require high emotional awareness, peak physical capabilities, and acute cognitive skills. 

Current warfighter performance gaps need to be addressed with a comprehensive and strategic approach, including human performance research. 

Health and human performance involves taking a holistic view of various mental, physical, and emotional variables that affect overall military success. The objective is to understand obstacles faced by Service members and create tools to tackle these issues on multiple fronts. This work includes data collection, analysis of identified health problems, and implementing tools to keep military personal healthy.  

Focus areas for military health and human performance include:

  • Preventing injury and speeding recovery
  • Maintaining performance in multi-stressor environments
  • Enhancing baseline physical and mental performance

North Carolina Center for Optimizing Military Performance (NC-COMP) is a consortium of North Carolina-based academic, non-profit, industry, and state government organizations that collaborate to leverage their unique resources and aid in active-duty preparation. NC-COMP provides a unique environment where active, operational forces and support elements take advantage of world-class research and testing facilities, scientific expertise, and the expansive innovation ecosystem across North Carolina.