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About RTI Press

RTI Press is a global publisher of peer-reviewed, open-access publications. We publish on a broad range of topics reflecting RTI’s multidisciplinary research, expertise in social and laboratory sciences, and extensive international activities. Our publications inform national and international research, scientific discussions, and policy debates. RTI International funds RTI Press as a means of sharing research and practical knowledge to improve the human condition.

RTI Press publishes Research Briefs (ISSN 2378-7929), Policy Briefs (ISSN 2378-7937), Research Reports (ISSN 2378-7902), Methods Reports (ISSN 2378-7813), Occasional Papers (ISSN 2378-7996), Conference Proceedings (ISSN 2690-0343), and books.

Open Access

RTI Press is a Diamond Open Access publisher; neither authors nor readers pay for our publications. Most RTI Press publications are made available under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) and can be downloaded free of charge. Books can also be purchased as hard copy editions. More information is available in our Open Access Policy. Digital preservation is ensured through Portico, the Carolina Digital Repository, and the Directory of Open Access Books. RTI Press is a member of OASPA.

Peer Review

Manuscripts submitted to RTI Press are subject to single-blind peer review. Books and reports require two reviews, whereas briefs only need one review. We encourage reviews by experts from outside RTI and require at least one external reviewer for each manuscript. When RTI experts are invited to peer review, they are carefully selected to ensure impartiality and avoid conflicts of interest. Editorial decisions informed by peer reviewers’ recommendations are made independently by an associate editor assigned to each manuscript. Associate editors are selected from the RTI Press Editorial Board. 


Governance of RTI Press rests with the Executive Committee which has 10 members: representatives from each RTI business unit and the RTI Press Senior Manager. The Executive Committee provides strategic direction to RTI Press by setting and monitoring implementation of editorial policies. One member of the Executive Committee serves as Editor-in-Chief and one as Deputy Editor-in-Chief. These two roles are designated Executive Editors. The Executive Editors both serve single 2-year terms but can continue to serve as Executive Committee and/or Editorial Board members. Executive Vice Presidents from each of RTI’s business units recommend appointees to the RTI Press Executive Committee and Editorial Board.

Editorial Board members act as Associate Editors, managing the peer review process for submitted manuscripts and making publication decisions based on the scientific quality of manuscripts. Terms for Editorial Board members are staggered, with about half rotating off or agreeing to serve another term every 2 years.

RTI Press Executive Committee

Ina Wallace, Editor in Chief

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Barbara Biesecker, Deputy Editor in Chief

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Cynthia Bland, Member

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Derick Brinkerhoff, Member Emeritus

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Rajeev Colaço, Member

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Kathleen Lohr, Member Emerita

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Brian Southwell, Member

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Dorota Temple, Member

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Jenny Wiley, Member

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RTI Press Editorial Board

Editorial Board Members not pictured

  • Justin Baker, PhD, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Forestry & Environmental Resources, NCSU
  • Anne Deutsch, PhD. Senior Research Public Health Analyst
  • Rebecca Flueckiger, PhD. Senior Operations Research Specialist
  • Valerie Williams, PhD. Senior Director, Psychometrics, Patient-Centered Outcomes Assessment

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Completed manuscripts and book proposals may be submitted via Scholastica.

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