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Our North Star Goal

By 2030, RTI will positively impact the wellbeing of 1 billion people through science-based solutions in climate, education, health, and equity. 

Our work on behalf of our clients and in collaboration with our partners around the world impacts the wellbeing of people in numerous ways; through services provided to people, partnerships built with communities, and research and policy that have the potential to improve people’s lives.

Our North Star Goal contributes directly to RTI’s mission: To improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. It illustrates how every staff member’s work contributes to our impact.

Our work has direct impact on the number of people who receive firsthand any services, resources or other benefits of science-based solutions. In addition, our work also has indirect impact achieved through research recommendations, policy changes or strengthening of a government’s ability to provide benefits to people. 

Globally, through these collaborative efforts, we are contributing to a healthier, more resilient, and more equitable world. Examples of this North Star impact include:

  • Number of individuals residing in households that receive new electricity connections.  
  • Number of policies influenced by research findings and insights.
  • Number of hectares of land with increased agricultural yield.
  • Number and percentage of schools with improved curricula
  • Number of people who received training
  • Number of health facilities that implement improved children’s vaccination protocols

In Their Own Words

The North Star Impact Challenge asked staff members from around the globe to share how their role contributes to RTI's impact.

Our North Star Goal

Tim J. Gabel, President and CEO, RTI International