Helping countries develop multifaceted strategies to protect their natural resources

Our planet’s natural resources are under threat: From a changing climate, ever-growing demand, and overuse. The data tell us that time is running out to make meaningful changes to the way humans interact with the planet. But science is also showing us there are effective solutions we can use today.

RTI integrates scientific expertise from diverse disciplines into technical approaches that protect biodiversity, combat wildlife crime, foster good environmental governance, ensure critical conservation, and take bold steps to address climate change and build resilience.

Our Approach

Planetary Health

Humans are increasingly aware of the connections between our actions and their consequences—not just for the natural world but for our own health, security, and wellbeing.

RTI’s pioneering Planetary Health approach means our programs are seated within the most holistic development methodology in use. Our projects are designed to account for the ways people, animals, land, and seascapes interact and affect one another.

This work is multidisciplinary and inclusive, based on true partnership between communities, the private sector, and governments. We know that this kind of synergistic approach is the best hope for achieving changes that are both dynamic and sustainable.

Nature, Wealth & Power

The natural world cannot be conserved in a vacuum. We employ USAID’s whole-system approach to environmental problems. Our work leverages natural and social capital and accounts for the economic conditions and socio-political-institutional dimensions of complex development problems.

Our expertise spans advocacy and behavior change, alternative livelihoods, economic incentives, environmental policy, land tenure and indigenous rights, protected areas management, private sector engagement, regional coordination, and research.

Our solutions are locally driven and socially inclusive. We work with and through our wide network of local community-based organizations, civil society organizations, and other association, government, private sector, and community counterparts to empower women, youth, and other marginalized groups to implement contextually appropriate solutions.

Our Focus

Climate and Resilience

We develop and implement sustainable landscapes and adaptation strategies, particularly in land use change and forestry. We developed and deploy USAID’s leading Climate Resilient Development framework, working with governments, communities and key stakeholders to integrate resilience into development.

Biodiversity and Conservation

We work with communities, host-country governments, and the private sector to support the effective management of key biodiversity areas and promote market-based solutions that will incentivize conservation.

Environmental Crime

We tackle environmental crime, including wildlife crime and illegal wildlife trafficking

Governance in Environment

We enhance the capacity of local and national governments to establish sustainable management practices and promote equitable access to resources such as water, land, and forests. RTI also assists governments to develop, reform and implement key policies that improve or address the challenges in resources management.

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