Kimberly Matthews

Kimberly Matthews

Senior Manager, Environmental Sciences & Engineering


MS, Natural Resources, North Carolina State University
BA, Biology, Wittenberg University

Kimberly Matthews is an environmental scientist focused on watershed management with expertise in wetland ecology, water quality, and stormwater management.  She has experience working with multidisciplinary teams of researchers, modelers, and data management teams in coastal, estuarine, freshwater, and wetland investigations.

Ms. Matthews has led integrated watershed assessments to determine watershed health and assess future vulnerabilities to guide management decisions. She has conducted feasibility assessments for stream and wetlands mitigation and alternative analyses for transportation projects with a focus on wetlands, streams, water quality, aquatic wildlife, terrestrial wildlife, invasive/exotics species, and protected species.

Her expertise in environmental science lends itself to projects coordinated with state and federal agencies to ensure that projects comply with applicable environmental permits and regulations. Ms. Matthews has participated in public hearings and interagency meetings and managed projects with both field and technical components to provide a comprehensive assessment. She enjoys working with various stakeholders to translate scientific findings though presentations, webinars, websites, factsheets, and social media.

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