Nicole Barnes

Vice President, Learning, Energy, and Environment for Development

Nicole Barnes


  • BA, Global Studies, University of Iowa,
  • Master of City Planning, International Development and Regional Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Nicole Barnes has worked in international development for nearly two decades, including 11 years spent working overseas on long-term assignments.  

Ms. Barnes’ overseas experience includes technical project work in India, Indonesia, Montenegro, Pakistan, South Africa, and Uganda. Ms. Barnes has also worked extensively in India, Indonesia, Jordan, the Philippines, and South Africa on RTI’s strategic positioning and business development. She has held both long- and short-term assignments for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and its contractors, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). She has extensive experience in working with host country counterparts.

Her vast technical experience is rooted in numerous elements of public finance. In multiple countries, Ms. Barnes has worked on education finance, implementing local governance support programs, urban service delivery, fiscal decentralization, own-source financing for local government, intergovernmental grants, and local economic development.

Ms. Barnes excels as a leader and manager, leveraging skills such as strategic positioning and planning, client and partner engagement and relationship building, project design and implementation, proposal leadership, contractor monitoring, and team building and staff management.

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