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Focus Areas

WASH Service Provider Strengthening

Clean water is critical for well-being and quality of life

Clean water is critical for well-being and quality of life — yet billions of people lack reliable access to this essential resource. The equitable and efficient delivery of water services remains a critical aspect for sustainable development.

To improve the sustainable delivery of water services in both urban and rural areas, RTI collaborates with water service providers to enhance their operational and institutional efficiencies. Our applied research and advisory capabilities inform evidence-based planning and organizational reform, while our technical support enables water service providers to improve the quantity, quality, and continuity of their water supply provision. 

Enhancing operational efficiencies for improved water service delivery

Although they are mandated to deliver a minimum level of service, water service providers often struggle to address technical operations and maintain capacities that meet local standards. To ensure lasting operations and minimize service disruptions, we build the capacity of water service providers to better manage, operate, and maintain their assets and infrastructure. 

We offer technical support for service providers to more effectively generate, track, and expend revenues by reducing water losses, improving bill collection, and streamlining financial management. We also strengthen service providers’ processes to monitor and manage water quality and reduce risks from contamination. 

Strengthening institutional efficiencies for water sustainability

Operational capabilities based on good governance complement sustainable technical improvements. Our approach transforms internal resource management and policies within water service providers to emphasize continuous performance, appropriate skills building, and gender and social inclusivity. 

By helping service providers closely engage with stakeholders — including customers, governments, and civil society — they build trust that ultimately facilitates service delivery improvements and investments. We also promote greater transparency and accountability by establishing tools and procedures for monitoring and reporting. And by identifying and deploying appropriate technologies such as applications, information management systems, and geographic information systems (GIS), we help service providers institutionalize efficiencies so they will last for years to come.

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