Strengthening citizen engagement and government responsiveness for improved service delivery

We develop the capacity of governments and citizens to participate in the planning and delivery of local government services. Our locally-led programs empower citizens to hold governments accountable for responsive, transparent service delivery and are backed by applied political economy analysis and adaptive management, with a focus on gender, social inclusion and human rights.

To improve governance practices across sectors, we have developed a comprehensive framework to address the complex set of issues faced by good governance advocates in government and civil society. Our capacity strengthening and technical assistance activities focus on three main levels of governance and service delivery systems—individuals, institutions and the enabling environment— and we tailor our interventions and adapt our tools and approaches to local contexts.

Bringing together our research expertise and strong capabilities in project implementation and monitoring and evaluation, we provide effective solutions for building integrated governance programs, achieving local solutions and combating violent extremism.

Governance and Adaptive Management for International Development

Current thinking on effective international development highlights the importance of tailoring interventions to fit the unpredictable and fluid contexts that all change efforts must confront. 

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