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Tech Talk Webinar Series with RTI International

The latest solutions for federal data standards, data modernization practices, and data governance principles

Connect. Exchange. Integrate.

What does the future of data look like? How is your data collected, where is it going, and what can it help you achieve?

Discover evidence-based best practices to help you better collect, manage, analyze, disseminate, and leverage your data and findings to create value. The RTI Tech Talk webinar series is built to mimic the fundamentals of interoperability and data modernization: Connect with our experts; Exchange and share information; and Integrate solutions to support decision making, improve performance, accelerate implementation, and optimize research.

Whether you’re looking to improve health equity, leverage wearable data, automate data linkage, and more, this series can show you the power of what your data can do. We’re bringing together experts in the field to show where we’re already making an impact and how you can leverage these solutions to improve the movement and use of your data throughout the data lifecycle.

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Upcoming Webinars

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Previous Webinars

Webinar 1: Build Health Equity with Data Science

Public health officials at the federal and state levels have called for a better way to measure, predict, and adjust for social factors in health care and population health.

See how RTI Rarity takes an “artificially intelligent” approach to risk adjustment for local social determinants of health by using Local Social Inequity (LSI) scores.

Webinar 2: Wearable Technology for Early Symptom Detection

The use of wearable devices for a deeper understanding of a person’s overall health and performance capabilities continues to grow, giving us more data for analysis and better informed decision-making.

Learn more about the DoD SIGMA+ Health platform and how personal sensor technology aids in early illness detection, ensuring optimal physical and mental health.

Webinar 3: Automate Finding and Harmonizing Data With an Artificial Intelligence Tool

Scientists conducting a big data study typically spend 50%–65% of their time finding, gathering, harmonizing, and cleaning data—all before any analysis can be done.

See how RTI's machine learning application suite, MetaMatchMaker, can save time and reduce costs related to finding and integrating genomic, molecular, and clinical data for analysis.

Webinar 4: Make Public Perception Data Work for You: Collecting and Analyzing Social Media Data

Social media platforms generate vast amounts of rich data that reflect the behaviors and perceptions of consumers, organizations, and industries.

Learn how social media data can be leveraged to improve public health policy, surveillance, and response.

Data Modernization and Equity Tech Talk Webinar

Webinar 5: Data Modernization and Equity: Integrated Solutions to Enhance the Research Data Lifecycle

Successful data-driven projects require a focus on both data modernization and data equity.

Learn how these two concepts intersect and how they can be applied to improve decision-making, accelerate implementation, and optimize research outcomes that are inclusive of populations often underrepresented in data sources.

Webinar 6: Using Experimental Case Designs to Evaluate and Develop Culturally Sensitive and Responsive Interventions

Racial and ethnic minorities and other hard-to-reach populations have been historically underrepresented in experimental program evaluations. For programs to be culturally sensitive and responsive, innovations in evaluation design are required.

Learn about recent innovations in experimental case designs that are advancing science and health equity simultaneously.

Webinar 7: Using Data Systems to Increase Accessibility in Disease Specific Research

Studying multifactorial, complex human diseases requires a variety of approaches and data types. What if there was a way to combine data across programs to produce more accurate and impactful insights to transform research and, ultimately, treatment? 

Learn how disease specific data portals can help you share research data, support data re-use, replicate key findings, and enhance the biological interpretation of results.

Webinar 8: Unlock the Possibilities of Generative AI for Health Communication Research

In a short period of time, generative AI tools—such as ChatGPT—have garnered tremendous interest among the media and the general public. As these tools continue to grow in popularity, we must critically examine how they work and if they can impact current health communication research workflows. 

Learn about the potential benefits, opportunities, and use cases of generative AI tools for getting insights faster.

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