Discovering and translating knowledge into solutions that address the causes and consequences of human disease

Data on biology, lifestyle, and environment are expanding rapidly, setting the stage for the future of precision health and medicine to prevent and treat disease. We are taking integrative data-driven approaches to better understand the causes and consequences of disease, enable interventions, and improve health outcomes.

We understand the challenges underlying rare genetic to common complex diseases and work to develop solutions related to:

  • Newborn screening policy and practice
  • Early intervention and family adaptation to disabilities
  • Ethical approaches to informed consent, return of genetic results, and decision-making
  • Project and data management, bioinformatic, and analytic services
  • Integration of multiple omics, behavior, and environmental exposure data for human studies
  • Development of new software, methods, and public tools and resources to support innovative analyses and data visualization

Our center is made up of experts working across many practice areas, including genetics and other biological sciences, biostatistics, bioinformatics, genetic counseling, psychology, early childhood and special education, epidemiology, and public health. We are driven to positively impact the lives and futures of infants, children, adults, and families experiencing from rare to common complex diseases.