Ryan Paquin

Public Health Research Analyst

Ryan Paquin


  • PhD, Communication, University of Pennsylvania
  • MA, Mass Communication, University of Minnesota
  • BS, Graphic Design and Philosophy (double major), University of Minnesota

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Ryan Paquin performs research within the Patient & Family Engagement Research Program in RTI’s Center for Communication Science. His primary areas of expertise center on theories of attitude formation and behavior change with an emphasis on informed decision making, audience segmentation, and strategic message development and evaluation. Dr. Paquin has led and contributed to federally funded studies to better understand how consumers process risk information and how marketing materials affect decision making. For example, his research takes a behavior-theoretic approach to identify communication strategies aimed at helping consumers make well-informed decisions related to genomics-research participation and genetic testing. He has extensive experience developing and implementing experimental and cross-sectional studies and conducting quantitative data collection and statistical analyses.

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