Pamela A. Williams

Senior Research Scientist

Pamela Williams


  • Post-Doctorate, Health Psychology, Yale University
  • PhD, Social Psychology, University of Houston
  • MS, General Experimental Psychology, Old Dominion University
  • BS, Psychology, James Madison University.

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Pamela Williams is a senior research scientist with more than 20 years of experience in research and evaluation, and expertise in health communications, health promotion, and disease prevention. Dr. Williams’s research focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of health communication and community-based interventions to promote health behavior changes, disease self-management, and informed healthcare decisions. She is trained as an applied social psychologist and has applied her education in the theoretical aspects of psychology, including persuasion, motivation, and attitude change, to health-related topics throughout her career.

Dr. Williams has successfully managed large research projects and led multidisciplinary research teams and subcontractors. She has conducted studies in the US, India, Indonesia, and Rwanda. Dr. Williams has worked in multiple public health subject areas, including nutrition, physical activity, and obesity prevention; heart disease and stroke prevention; diabetes prevention and self-management; prescription medications; HIV; worksite wellness; and cancer prevention and detection. She has authored nearly 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals.