Optimizing military performance through multiple domains

The U.S. National Defense Strategy draws on the expertise of the military as a total, ready force. Teams need high-quality, precise information for data-based decision-making and innovative solutions. Our unparalleled research experience allows us to work with the Department of Defense (DoD) to address issues regarding education, environmental remediation, and force health, readiness, and protection. 

Our innovative military support solutions include: 

  • The development of the SIGMA+ Health application; an initiative allowing operational forces to have secure, critical real-time health data about their service members. 
  • Testing to protect against harmful biochemicals. 
  • Leading the Defense STEM Education Consortium (DSEC) in an effort to support quality nation-wide STEM education. 
  • Our management and research contributions to the North Carolina Center for Optimizing Military Performance (NC-COMP)
  • Our partnership with the DoD in the creation and evaluation of tailored sexual assault prevention programs.  

In bridging the divide between science and practice, we can continuously support our nation's defense efforts by delivering solutions to support Service members quickly through proven procedure, methods, and an understanding of the unique challenges they face.

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