Howard Walls

Research Chemical Engineer

Howard Walls


  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • MS, Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado

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Dr. Howard Walls possesses a unique and broad research background best described as applying fundamentals in engineering and materials science to solve practical problems in airborne particulate detection, protection, and control. Utilizing knowledge in polymer science, aerosols (airborne particles), nanotechnology, microbiology, and instrument development, he has addressed problems in air quality, air filtration, air sampling for bioaerosols (airborne biological particles), detection of aerosols and bioaerosols, personal protective equipment, and chemical and biological defense. Dr. Walls has over a decade of experience in successfully managing federally funded programs. While working at RTI, Dr. Walls has obtained five patents. He currently has 12 patens pending. This intellectual property has helped establish  and broaden our nanotechnology and aerosol programs.