Strengthening national capacity to address NCDs

Sustainable improvements in noncommunicable disease (NCD) outcomes and health equity are greatly enhanced by resilient and adaptable local health systems. As leaders in health systems strengthening (HSS) as well as NCD prevention and management, we work with partners to deliver creative solutions to improve NCD outcomes.

RTI draws on more than 60 years of experience in research, policy analysis and development, health economics and financing, and on-the-ground implementation. Our experts work with local governments to develop strategies that strengthen the capacity of health systems to prevent, diagnose, and treat NCDs. RTI assesses barriers to access to essential medicines and diagnostic technologies (EMT) and identifies opportunities to reduce inefficiencies in supply chains. We develop information and communications technology tools that strengthen health information systems, improve data collection and analysis, and inform effective interventions. We also build the capacity of governments, policy makers, health professionals, and wider stakeholders to address NCDs.

We work with national and local health decision-makers to make health policies responsive to challenges; invigorate bottom-up health service planning, budgeting, and monitoring; and build trust and credibility in government through public accountability for health programming. By promoting collaboration and strengthening the capacity of local and national governments and nongovernmental organizations, we help to deliver cost-effective policies, programs, and services.


Project Highlight

Speeding the Time to Treatment for Severe Heart Attacks

In the wake of a severe heart attack, rapid access to treatment can mean the difference between life and death. In collaboration with the Medtronic Foundation, RTI is implementing HeartRescue, a project to improve timely access to treatment for patients in Brazil, China, and India. The goal of HeartRescue is to create an effective response program, geared to the unique needs of the local community, that speeds time to effective treatment and improves access to quality health care for patients after a severe heart attack.

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