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Monitoring access following Medicare price changes: physician perspective

In this article, the author examines changes in Medicare beneficiaries' access to services following the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 'overpriced' procedure price reductions from the physician perspective. Three measures of physician availability remained essentially constant: number of physicians treating beneficiaries or performing overpriced procedures; average Medicare caseload; and average share of a physician's Medicare practice comprised of those who are poor and not white. Physician practice characteristics were examined and provided evidence of continuing participation in Medicare: Average Medicare revenue increased 10 percent, and average volume of all services increased. However, physicians with the largest fee reductions or who were the most financially dependent on the procedures did not change overpriced procedure volume


McCall, N. (1993). Monitoring access following Medicare price changes: physician perspective. Health Care Financing Review, 14(3), 97-117.