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HIV/AIDS treatment and HIV vaccines for Africa

Increased support from the global HIV/AIDS community is driving advances in HIV treatment and vaccine development in the developing world. Care of patients with AIDS includes many biomedical, nutritional, psychosocial, and behavioural interventions. In resource-poor settings, antiretroviral drugs should be given with use of standardised treatment regimens and streamlined algorithms for monitoring use. A safe and effective HIV vaccine will supplement prevention efforts to protect uninfected people against infection, or might possibly be able to modify the course of HIV infection. Advances have been made in understanding the immune response and immunisation to HIV, and new ideas for candidate vaccines have been developed, including several based on HIV-1 strains prevalent in Africa. HIV vaccine efficacy trials are needed in Africa to determine whether these advances can be translated into clinical and public health benefits. In this review, we discuss the prospects for use of treatment and vaccines in resource-poor settings.


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