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Cmap - Contig Mapping and Analysis Package, A Relational Database for Chromosome Reconstruction

In the contig mapping and analysis package, CMAP, we provide a foundation for reverse genetics by organizing information about DNA fragments obtained from an organism's genome into a physical map. The user can store information about a particular segment of DNA. This information can be both descriptive, such as any genes contained in a particular DNA fragment, or experimental, such as hybridization profiles or restriction digest patterns for comparison with other fragments. The package can then be instructed to update the physical map or provide information on a DNA fragment within the map, such as its location. The user interface is designed to minimize the learning curve associated with database usage, while eliminating the possibility of entering data outside the ranges of fields through error-checking protocols. Queries are currently accomplished by the use of dynamic SQL (structured query language), which gives the user the ability to build queries based on any combination of the attributes contained within the database without requiring that all possible queries be permanently programmed within the query software. In order to eliminate the need for knowledge of SQL, an interface was designed to allow users to build queries by menu choices. Thus, CMAP is a software package supporting a database for both the production and storage of a physical map as well as being the first step toward the production of a physical mapping workstation


Cuticchia, A., Arnold, J., Brody, H., & Timberlake, WE. (1992). Cmap - Contig Mapping and Analysis Package, A Relational Database for Chromosome Reconstruction. Computer Applications in the Biosciences, 8(5), 467-474.