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Governance and service delivery

RTI International has extensive experience implementing international donor-funded programs and projects, including single-sector and multisector policy and service-delivery improvement efforts, as well as governance and public management reforms...

RTI Press Methods Report

Construction and application of the MEEDE dataset

We describe the construction of a highly detailed dataset of the US electric sector—the Micro-level Economic and Environmental Detail of Electricity. The dataset represents a unique synthesis of engineering, economic, and environmental data...

RTI Press Book

Methods in statistical genomics

The objective of this book is to describe procedures for analyzing genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Some of the material is unpublished and contains commentary and unpublished research; other chapters (Chapters 4 through 7) have been...

RTI Press Policy Brief

Can big data save labor market information systems?

Labor markets desperately need information to function effectively and efficiently, making labor market information systems critical public investments. Yet government systems face significant challenges in collecting quality data, turning it...

RTI Press Research Report

Applying social science to assess public interaction with shale gas

We propose a research agenda for the application of social science methods to enhance the understanding of the public’s relationship with shale gas. We summarize the history of shale gas usage and the recent increase in its prominence as a source...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Costs and productivity in patient-centered medical homes

To address the fragmentation and discontinuities in health care, patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) provide additional care coordination services for an extra management fee with the goal of saving private and public insurers money while...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

State regulatory provisions for residential care settings

Residential care settings (RCSs), such as assisted living facilities, provide community-based services for older adults and younger people with disabilities who require long-term services and supports. Within RCSs, staffing adequacy is a key...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Priorities and opportunities in international agriculture

The paper presents an analysis of major trends in the agricultural sector, among a selection of the major development agencies. The paper starts out by noting what, on the basis of the authors’ appreciation of the data, are some of the important...