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Bring the change you want to see

India’s large and growing urban population too often lacks access to improved sanitation or has inadequate treatment of its sewerage waste. Lagging sanitation coverage holds down the nation’s development and creates health and environment hazards...

RTI Press Research Brief

Technological advances to improve food security

Ensuring a stable and healthful food supply for the world’s growing population has become increasingly urgent, particularly in the face of climate change. In spite of expected increases in food production in developing countries, the number of...

RTI Press Policy Brief

Linking learning to employment

Current approaches to secondary school are producing high numbers of dropouts and low numbers of students well prepared for college and careers. Given global demand for better education quality and relevance, a reform movement in the US that...

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Patient-reported outcomes in performance measurement

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are measures of how patients feel or what they are able to do in the context of their health status; PROs are reports, usually on questionnaires, about a patient's health conditions, health behaviors, or...

RTI Press Research Brief

Training and development at both ends of the workforce continuum

In the US, the youth (16 to 24 years old) unemployment rate has been in double-digits for the last seven years. During recessions and in weak job markets, youth are usually the first to be fired and last to be hired. While older workers (55 years...

RTI Press Book

Shale oil and gas

In the first edition, Shale Gas: The Promise and the Peril , Vikram Rao explained that shale gas has the potential to transform the U.S. energy-based economy in the electricity, transportation, and chemical sectors. Since then, shale oil...

RTI Press Policy Brief

A relevant data revolution for development

The paper argues that generalizing from standard tenets of big data to developing country situations should be done only with considerable caution. The emerging term of art for a careful application of big data tenets to public policy issues in...

RTI Press Occasional Paper

Safe handling of engineered nanomaterials

Protecting occupational health is one of the most important aspects of achieving the responsible development of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs), especially because workers are often among the first to be potentially exposed to these novel...

RTI Press Research Brief

Exhaled electronic cigarette emissions

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are a new category of nicotine delivery devices designed to closely mimic the experience of smoking conventional cigarettes. Little is known about the factors of e-cigarettes that determine non-user (...