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RTI Press Methods Report

Handling the qualitative side of mixed methods research

Attention to mixed methods studies research has increased in recent years, particularly among funding agencies that increasingly require a mixed methods approach for program evaluation. At the same time, researchers operating within large-scale,...

RTI Press Methods Report

Methods for assessing the adherence to medical devices

The assessment of patient adherence to medication is necessary to distinguish between nonadherence and inferior drug efficacy, which is crucial for avoiding poor clinical outcomes. Adherence measurements pose various challenges, as many methods...

RTI Press Methods Report

Construction and application of the MEEDE dataset

We describe the construction of a highly detailed dataset of the US electric sector—the Micro-level Economic and Environmental Detail of Electricity. The dataset represents a unique synthesis of engineering, economic, and environmental data...

RTI Press Methods Report

Visualization of categorical longitudinal and times series data

Plotting growth curves is a powerful graphical approach used in exploratory data analysis for continuous longitudinal data. However, plotting growth curves for multiple participants rapidly becomes uninterpretable with categorical data....

RTI Press Methods Report


RTI developed the check for housing units missed (CHUM) methodology to compensate for housing unit undercoverage of address-based sampling (ABS) frames for in-person, area probability surveys. The CHUM systematically identifies housing units...

RTI Press Methods Report

Fostering blueprints for local government development

The Local Government Development Framework (LGDF) is a local governance performance measurement and monitoring tool based on government-citizen collaboration. Developed by RTI International, the LGDF provides for the establishment of demand-...