Cultivating dynamic educators Case studies in teacher behavior change in Africa and Asia

By Sarah Remington Pouezevara

Cultivating Dynamic Educators: Case Studies in Teacher Behavior Change in Africa and Asia responds to growing recognition by international education professionals, policy makers, and funding partners of the need for qualified teachers and interest in the subject of teacher professional development (also referred to as “teacher behavior change”). The book responds to important questions that are fundamental to improving teaching quality by influencing teaching practice. These questions include: How do we provide high-quality training at scale? How do we ensure that training transfers to change in practice? What methods are most cost-effective? How do we know what works?

The book includes case studies describing different approaches to teacher behavior change and illustrates how specific implementation choices were made for each context. Individual chapters document lessons learned as well as methodologies used for discerning lessons. The key conclusion is that no single effort is enough on its own; teacher behavior change requires a system-wide view and concerted, coordinated inputs from a range of stakeholders.


Pouezevara, S. R. (Ed.) (2018). Cultivating dynamic educators: Case studies in teacher behavior change in Africa and Asia. (RTI Press Publication No. BK-0022-1809). Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press.

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“Helping teachers to improve their practice is at the center of improving learning outcomes. This volume brings together insights from researchers who have gotten their hands dirty with implementation and sheds light on topics ranging from school leadership to text messages, from Zambia to the Philippines. This is a great resource for how countries are innovating around the world in supporting their teachers, with lots of ideas for systems that are seeking to improve.”

--David K. Evans, Lead Economist, Office of the Chief Economist for Africa, World Bank

“These compelling and comprehensive case studies of teacher behaviour change in such different contexts make invaluable reading for practitioners in our space. The emphasis on the gaining of mastery and achieving lifelong learning for teachers, added to a behaviourial approach, adds enormous and exciting new ground..”

--Sharath Jeevan, Founder & CEO, STIR Education

“SDG4 notes the key role of teachers in the achievement of education for all. This book is based on the kind of analysis and understanding that comes from experience. on Insights on teachers’ practice, motivation and behaviour provide unique inspiration and guidance for practitioners supporting teaching and learning.”

--Silvia Montoya, Director, UNESCO Institute for Statistics


Sarah Remington PouezevaraSarah Pouezevara, MA, is a senior education research analyst and e-learning specialist within RTI’s International Development Group. She supports research, analysis, training, and evaluation of capacity-building and teacher training initiatives for RTI projects, especially when the use of technology is being applied to improve access to and quality of ongoing professional development.

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