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Building a better QALY general health-state utility measures

ISOQOL is pleased to offer a volume of invited papers from the recent

Symposium “Stating the Art: Advancing Outcomes Research

Methodology and Clinical Applications,” which captures the heterogeneity, science, and creativity of our field.

The papers are not direct transcripts the talks presented, but rather chapters inspired by the presentations delivered at the Symposium. In organizing this symposium, we sought to create a program that illuminated the state of the art of health outcomes research from the perspectives of

statistical methodology, clinical applications, and theory. Rather than attempting to cover the entire breadth of the field, our aim was to invite leading investigators and thinkers in their field of specialization.


Johnson, F. (2005). Building a better QALY: general health-state utility measures. In WR. Lenderking, & DA. Revicki (Eds.), Advancing Health Outcomes Research Methods and Clinical Applications McLean, VA: International Society for Quality of Life Research.