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Focus Areas

Planning and Allocation

Guiding management of surface water and groundwater sources to meet current and future demands

Water is essential to economic value, crop production, habitats, energy and quality of life. To ensure there’s enough to go around, water resources must be managed as one comprehensive system that includes supply management, storage and routing, and the interaction between surface water and groundwater.

All these systems and processes are intricately linked, requiring the right analysis and tools for planning and operational decision-making. For example, irrigation affects the timing, volume and location of surface waters; groundwater extraction for irrigation can deplete surface water sources, and surface structures change groundwater recharge rates.

The RTI Center for Water Resources can help you bring the complete system together with fully connected tools and capabilities. Our solutions offer answers to questions about long-term water resources planning decisions, provide real-time operational tools to oversee water rights and allocation, and manage surface storage and groundwater extraction.

Our team of experts specializes in the following areas:

  • Water rights, accounting and allocation
  • Overland flooding and dynamic routing, waterlogging and groundwater recharge
  • Surface control structure routing and operations
  • Long-term water resources planning
  • Remote sensing estimates of evaporation and transpiration
  • Groundwater modeling, mapping and pumping
  • Coordinated irrigation supply between surface and groundwater resources

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