Enrique Triana

Senior Research Environmental Engineer


  • PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University
  • MS, Civil Engineering, Colorado State University
  • BE, Civil Engineering, Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería (Colombian School of Engineering), Bogotá, Colombia

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A water resources planning expert in RTI’s Water Resources Management Division, Enrique Triana has 20 years of progressive growth experience in academia, research, and consulting. He specializes in implementation of innovative solutions for complex water resources planning and management problems that include computational components to facilitate systems dynamic understanding and decision making.

The computational components that Dr. Triana has developed and applied to support water resources management include spatial decision support systems (SDSS), modeling management systems (MMS) and data management systems (DMS) with features like data-centered design, automated simulation of scenarios, georeferenced systems with simulation model adapters, and coupled simulation-optimization modules. He also has experience as a project manager, technical leader, and researcher in hydrologic modeling, integrated water supply planning, decision making under uncertainty, river basin planning and operations, systems optimization, climate change analyses, hydraulic modeling, environmental impact statements (EIS), and demand forecasting.  

Dr. Triana is a developer of MODSIM, a generalized river basin Decision Support System and network flow model for water resources management. RTI currently cooperates with Colorado State University to maintain and update MODSIM.  Dr. Triana has applied MODSIM and provided expert support and training to MODSIM users in many places around the world.   

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