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Focus Areas


Providing support for planning and guidance in the face of extreme events

The rising frequency of extreme events and expanding urbanization has increased the vulnerability to flood-related risks for many communities. Experts at the RTI Center for Water Resources have decades of experience helping to monitor, prepare for and respond to high-flow events resulting from excessive rainfall or dam failure. We support both government and private entities in more than 30 countries that are directly responsible for flood-control infrastructure operations, emergency management and dissemination of hydrologic forecasts. We have worked to protect life and property from the effects of floods with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Tennessee Valley Authority, New York State Canal Corporation, Panama Canal Authority, Nile Basin Initiative, City of Istanbul and the governments of Mexico, South Africa, El Salvador and many others.

By offering the following services, we give managers the tools they need to be well prepared and to make informed decisions in the face of a flood event:

Hydrometeorological Monitoring
A lack of existing hydrometeorological data can significantly limit the ability to characterize flood risk and predict the potential impacts of impending events. Our experts provide network design, implementation and data management solutions that draw from our deep understanding of the data and monitoring requirements for effective flood guidance.

Flood Forecasting and Warning
Foresight about the potential magnitude, timing and inundation extent can considerably enhance flood preparation and mitigation efforts. With industry-leading experts, we offer a range of flood forecasting solutions—from full on-site system implementation to forecast delivery via web portals.

Hydrologic Risk and Consequences Assessment
Reservoirs and impoundments can provide critical flood control benefits but are also susceptible to damage or failure under extreme high-flow events. We comprehensively characterize hydrologic hazards and consequences of failure to guide preparation, emergency planning and capital improvements for flood risk reduction.

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