Focus Areas

Monitoring and Forecasting

Providing timely and relevant information about current and future water resources conditions

In all aspects of water resources management, monitoring and forecasting are critical services that help managers make informed, analytical decisions. At the RTI Center for Water Resources, our advanced hydrometeorological monitoring and hydrologic forecasting services provide actionable information for flood warning, hydropower operations, water allocation, agriculture operations and other areas. These services can help you make critical water resources decisions based on real-time conditions, as well as conditions that are hours, days, weeks or seasons into the future. We offer scalable monitoring and forecasting solutions ranging from full, on-site system design and implementation to web-based subscription data delivery services.

On-Site Forecast Systems
Our experts have developed, configured and deployed on-site forecast systems around the world that are built upon the latest science and technology, data sources, analysis and product delivery methods. Our end-to-end forecasting systems include hydrometeorological data networks, hydrologic and hydraulic models, and real-time data management and integration frameworks. To ensure long-term sustainability, we’ll work with you to develop training programs and implementation plans that will allow you to successfully manage these systems within your organization.

Web-Based Subscription Services
RTI International regularly delivers site-specific forecast information straight to clients through our web-based subscription services. These services are highly scalable and can be customized based on your needs, data availability and location. At the first level of subscription service, we enhance available forecast datasets through post-processing and integration of information specific to customers and location. For advanced levels of service, we generate custom forecasts through in-house modeling and data assimilation. We provide these forecasts in a variety of ways, from emailing text files to building visual map- and hydrograph-based web portals.

In addition, our monitoring and forecasting services include the following:

  • Designing, improving, installing and maintaining monitoring networks of precipitation, temperature and streamflow gauges
  • Gathering, storing and manipulating field-collected and remotely sensed data
  • Integrating existing data sources, models and operational systems with new data and technologies to deliver enhanced water resources information
  • Providing training, documentation, manuals, procedures and monitoring and evaluation frameworks

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