Shaun Carney

Senior Research Environmental Engineer

Shaun Carney


  • MS, Civil Engineering, Colorado State University
  • BS, Civil Engineering, Colorado State University

Shaun Carney specializes in project management, forecast system implementation, flood risk and hazards assessment, and model development. He provides technical management and guidance for a variety of projects, including leading forecast system implementation efforts that used a variety of platforms throughout the United States and internationally.

Mr. Carney’s current focus is on helping to improve inputs for risk-informed decision making at the Tennessee Valley Authority. This effort has involved leading a multiyear project to develop hydrologic hazard curves for the reservoir system and providing senior oversight of life loss and economic consequence assessments in the event of dam breaches.

Mr. Carney has developed and calibrated a wide range of hydraulic and hydrologic models involving snowmelt, soil moisture, consumptive use, reservoir operations, and water rights. His research experience includes advanced 3-D hydraulics modeling with application to stable channel design and sediment transport; methodology development for precipitation and temperature estimation; and data fusion, forecast verification, and data assimilation. He provides language support for projects in Spanish-speaking countries.

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