RTI International has worked in Senegal for 25+ years, providing technical assistance, institutional strengthening, program support, and research. We design and implement programs across a wide range of sectors to help low- and middle- income countries and communities address complex problems and improve the lives of their citizens. Working with local partners and stakeholders, our solutions promote sustainability, self-reliance and success at scale

Our experience and recent project implementation include:

Education in Senegal

In education, as part of a multi-country project that includes Senegal, we are generating research to better understand what factors lead to effective learning at scale, as well as identifying the methods of training and support that lead to teachers adopting effective classroom practices.

Energy Access in Senegal

We partner with USAID to improve energy access by bringing power to six million sub-Saharan households and businesses in 20 countries, including Senegal,that are otherwise unable to access electricity from their local utilities.

Food Security and Agriculture in Senegal

Through the Feed the Future Senegal Naatal Mbay project, we helped smallholder farmers with new agricultural technologies, skills, and approaches, including tools such as agricultural insurance to improve resilience, and facilitated nearly $165 million in loans and more than $27 million in new private sector investment in agriculture.Through a self-funded research activity, we leveraged existing agri-food networks to track the impact of COVID-19 on rural households.

Governance and Economic Development in Senegal

Working in partnership with the public and private sector, we provide locally led solutions that promote sustainable economic growth. Through USAID’s Governance for Local Development project, we are helping improve basic services in health, education, food security, and water and sanitation through an integrated governance approach. This project has achieved clear advances in citizen-government-private sector collaboration, resulting in improved service delivery and new financial resources for health.

Health in Senegal

We have been at the forefront of helping USAID and country partners prevent and control neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by empowering governments of endemic countries to lead national NTD control programs and scale up the delivery of preventive chemotherapy for the seven most common NTDs.

Our Recent Project Experience In Senegal

Power Africa Off-Grid Program USAID2018–2022
Learning at ScaleCenter for Global Development/ Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation2019–2022
Governance for Local Development (GoLD) USAID2016–2021
Naatal Mbay USAID2015–2019
Sanitation Technology Platform (STeP) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation2016–2018
Senegal Support for Accelerated Growth and Increased Competitiveness for Trade (SAGIC) USAID2005–2015
Indoor Residual Spraying 2USAID2009–2014