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Focus Areas

RTI Simulate™

Uncover critical insights with a flexible, scalable environment for running large simulations

RTI Simulate™ is a scalable simulation platform for running models created using a wide range of leading simulation tools. Select from existing models, compose, and/or combine different simulation models to accelerate your modeling work.

Technical experts can focus on modeling details and leverage our tools and infrastructure to deploy and run them at scale. Whether you need to run 10 or 10,000 instances, our elastic computing environment expands to deliver results.

Simulate™ is comprised of configuration, experimentation, agent management, and visualization components that support the use of RTI’s Synthetic Population datasets and or custom generated agents to get your models up and running on large data quickly. Support for parameter sweeps and sensitivity analyses are also built in.

Simulate™ also provides users access to:

  • Integration with intelligent data processing capabilities and assets
  • Synthetic populations (pre-computed as well as customized, on-demand via API)
  • Scalable execution of models in existing simulation engines including NetLogo, Repast, Jupyter and Databricks Notebooks, Python, R, and Julia
  • Mixed modeling and simulation capabilities, transforming existing models into reusable assets
  • High-performance custom simulator for next-gen modeling 

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