Helen L. Jang

Director, Center for Digital Innovation

Helen Jang


  • BA (magna cum laude), International Relations, San Francisco State University.

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Helen Jang directs RTI’s Center for Digital Innovation (CDI), which focuses on combining diverse data and cutting-edge digital technologies informed by elegant design to transform education research and practice. CDI’s portfolio includes data analysis and reporting systems that provide access to data for stakeholders at all levels using innovative and effective visual presentations that communicate research findings to a wide audience.  Her portfolio of work, which spans more than 20 years, includes a diverse collection of print, web, and social media products.

Ms. Jang’s multi-disciplinary team works closely with researchers and stakeholders to improve education and workforce outcomes for children and adults. Her pivotal work includes DataLab, a data analysis system that provides public access to data from 30 federal studies developed for the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES); the Early Grade Reading Barometer, which offers a wealth of actionable Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) data to improve literacy outcomes for children around the world, developed for USAID; the Evaluation Engine, a quasi-experimental impact evaluation tool designed to help states use their longitudinal education data to improve instruction,; and the Perkins Information Management System, an integrated online platform supporting efficient administration and monitoring of the Perkins program for the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (US Department of Education).

Ms. Jang has led efforts that focus on international education, including designing reports and policy briefs for the Nigeria Education Data Survey and the Cambodia National Education Assessments. Ms. Jang is currently working on Minerva, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to process data and deliver insights.