• Working Paper

Taking Stock of Agroforestry Adoption Studies


Pattanayak, S. K., Mercer, D. E., Sills, E. O., Yang, J. C., & Cassingham, K. (2002). Taking Stock of Agroforestry Adoption Studies.


In light of the large number of empirical studies of agroforestryadoption published during the last decade, we believe it is time totake stock and identify general determinants of agroforestry adoption.In reviewing 120 articles on adoption of agricultural and forestrytechnology by small holders, we find five categories of factors thatexplain technology adoption within an economic framework: preferences,resource endowments, market incentives, biophysical factors, and riskand uncertainty. By selecting only empirical analyses that focus onagroforestry and related investments, we narrow our list down to 32studies from 21 countries. We apply vote-counting based meta-analysisto these studies and evaluate the inclusion and significance of thefive adoption factors. Our analysis shows that preferences and resourceendowments are the factors most often included in studies. However,adoption behavior is most likely to be significantly influenced byrisk, bio-physical, and resource factors. In our conclusion, we discussthe potential gains and challenges of more rigorous analyses such asmeta-regressions.