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Scaffolding hydrogels for RP-based tissue engineering

Scaffolding hydrogels provides the ability to pattern cell suspensions directly within 3D configurations of hydrated polymer networks to mimic the physical and biological characteristics of natural extracellular matrices. This chapter first reviews the developments, key characteristics, and applications of some commonly used and emerging hydrogel biomaterials. It then discusses the compatibility between hydrogels and rapid prototyping (RP) scaffolding processes, and highlights some of the recent emerging trends in scaffolding biomaterials research.


Shirwaiker, RA., Purser, M., & Wysk, R. (2014). Scaffolding hydrogels for RP-based tissue engineering. In Rapid Prototyping of biomaterials: Prinicples and applications (pp. 176-200). Woodhead Publishing. https://doi.org/10.1533/9780857097217.176

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