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Reply to E. Grunfeld

To the Editor: We appreciate Grunfeld's comments1 on our Journal of Oncology Practice article “Models of Cancer Survivorship Care: Overview and Summary of Current Evidence.”2 We particularly appreciate her identifying an error in the manuscript, that several citation numbers in the text did not correspond to the correct sources in the reference list. We resolved this citation source error and submitted a correction to the Journal of Oncology Practice with an updated reference list. Dr Grunfeld also points out that the sample size for one of her studies included in our analysis3 was incorrect. The correct sample …


Halpern, M., Viswanathan, M., Evans, TS., Birken, SA., Basch, E., & Mayer, DK. (2015). Reply to E. Grunfeld. Journal of Oncology Practice, 11(4), 347. https://doi.org/10.1200/JOP.2015.004754

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