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Purification and immobilization of sulfhydryl oxidase

Sulfhydryl oxidase is isolated in substantially purified form byprecipitating from whey a crude impure fraction of sulfhydryloxidase, dissolving the crude sulfhydryl oxidase in a diluteneutral buffer solution, equilibrating to allow for dissociation ofthe dissolved sulfhydryl oxidase, separating the equilibratedsulfhydryl oxidase from molecularly larger materials, concentratingthe resultant separated sulfhydryl oxidase and separating theconcentrated sulfhydryl oxidase from molecularly smaller materialsto isolate a substantially purified sulfhydryl oxidase enzymehaving a specific activity at least about fifty times greater thanthe crude enzyme and about 3000 times greater than that in skimmilk. The enzyme may be immobilized, for example, by attaching itto an inert support. Activity of the immobilized enzyme may beregenerated by treatment with an aqueous solution of ferrousions.


Swaisgood, HE. (1978). IPC No. U.S. Purification and immobilization of sulfhydryl oxidase. (Patent No. 4087328).